███╗   ██╗██████╗ ████████╗ ██████╗██╗  ██╗████████╗
    ████╗  ██║╚════██╗╚══██╔══╝██╔════╝██║  ██║╚══██╔══╝
    ██╔██╗ ██║ █████╔╝   ██║   ██║     ███████║   ██║   
    ██║╚██╗██║ ╚═══██╗   ██║   ██║     ╚════██║   ██║   
    ██║ ╚████║██████╔╝   ██║   ╚██████╗     ██║   ██║   
    ╚═╝  ╚═══╝╚═════╝    ╚═╝    ╚═════╝     ╚═╝   ╚═╝   

My experience in arch linux

How I just start ?

from beginning i really wanted to have a laptop for hacking and when I bought one I decided to install Kali linux for start , my laptop had no OS and I just put kali linux disk to the CD drive and my first linux operation system installed with just some click on next button without any acknowledge about linux architecture or anything else :
for long times i had problem with kali linux as I remember i just reinstall it for 6 time [look like windows users :D] , grub problem , package problems and many many more but I’ve never give up , that’s why i’m still here

So what about arch ?

after kali linux i’ve tried many other linux distribution alike ubuntu , backbox and many others that i don’t remember right now and in then end after about 3 years I found blackarch a OS for hackers base on arch linux , at first look it’s dosn’t had a installation wizard and that magic next buttons for doing stuff for me .

and for the first time I had to install my linux OS without wizard setups that you can found in debian base distributions , from my vision it’s was a challenge and I like challenges, so i download the ISO file and my trying to install arch base linux started , for me it’s was take about 2 days to install blackarch for the first time , I had to partition my hard drive by myself , installing base packages , configuring grub and other things that you don’t hear even theirs names in setup wizards . and that convert me to someone who knows about his system .

my arch won’t boot ? huh now I know where is the problem cuz I configured grub by myself

it’s about one year i have arch linux and i didn’t reinstall it even for one time , it’s working for about one year without having any issues

Anything else about Arch benefits ?

yes I listed some cool feature and benefits about arch in here

do you wanna prove about arch performance ?

Screen shot